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We invest capital and engineers, in exchange for equity.

We're not just advising startups, we're building them.

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We've pioneered a new build-for-equity model with a rapidly expanding portfolio.
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Programs for early stage startups.

We help you launch and scale, then we introduce you to investors and acquirers.

Idea stage

3% equity

Valuations up to 3M
You have an idea and the background for success.

MassLight invests 50 service hours

and invests $7,500 cash

No fees

Landing page marketing

Refine your pitch deck

Financial modeling

Access to mentors

Discovery stage

6% equity

Valuations up to 5M
You have a  pitch deck, founders who can sell the product, financial models and indicators of traction.

MassLight invests 400 service hours

and invests $15,000 cash

No fees

Clickable mockups

Facilitate introductions

Marketing plan

Help acquiring pre-sales

Help with UX/UI

Access to mentors

Build stage

20% equity

Valuations up to 15M
You have detailed mockups and pre-sales commitments. Now you're ready to deliver product to initial customers.

MassLight invests 3,000 to 5,000 service hours

and invests up to $100,000 cash

No fees

Dedicated tech team builds your product

Access to mentors

How Build-for-Equity Works

Click the link below for more information on how we help startups through our Build-For-Equity program!

How It Works
Dedicated Tech Team

MassLight supplies a dedicated tech team to build and maintain your software product.

Cash Investment

MassLight supplies varying amounts of cash depending on your startup's stage.


We have a team of experienced mentors available to help you through various challenges. View Mentors


The Process

After you apply to the MassLight program here's what you can expect.


Submit your application to MassLight. Our team will review your application and reach out.


We'll review your submission and may schedule additional interviews.

Let's start

When we've completed interviews, you'll have chance to formally pitch. This is the last step before we start working.


Here to help you scale

Daniel Abrams

Daniel Abrams is the CEO of MassLight and acting CTO for many startups. He holds a degree in anthropology, was a software engineer at Apple, and founded MassLight’s build-for-equity program to support founders struggling with tech.

Alex Willingham

Alex Willingham is the lead engineer of MassLight’s Build for Equity Team. He specializes in helping companies figure out what software not to build. He is an expert in startup tech from cloud architecture to coding.

Sarah Mooney

Sarah Mooney is the Director of Marketing at MassLight. She is a full-stack digital marketer. You can expect her to help you with your go-to market strategy, acquiring your first customers and improving your acquisition costs.

We love helping startups.
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We're only successful if you are.


Since 2000 we've been building sophisticated software.


The products we've built serve over 10,000,000 users.


We're partnered with over 90 US-based VC's. Which means, we have the relationships to help you gain funding.

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